Zombie Jon

Director(s): Patrick Wade
Marc Pipitone (Uncredited)
Editor: Patrick Wade

Marc Pipitone
Jon Strauss
Tommy Sziklay
Zack Valenzuela
Oscar Escobedo
Brett Skinner
Patrick Wade (Uncredited)

Status: Complete
Year Completed: 2004
On DVD: No

Zombie Jon is the story of a man, who after a tragic accident, is brought back to life by his friend, however, the man back to life is no friend to anyone anymore; he's a bloodthirsty zombie. Despite this serious plot, however, Zombie Jon is full of comedy as well making it a lighthearted monster thriller.

Patrick and Marc, who worked in tandem directing this film, did not always see eye to eye on scenes. Marc wanted comedy to prevalent and Patrick wanted the serious thriller theme to be throughout. With certain compromises, a unique film was created with an interesting blend of comedy and drama.

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