Tommy Sziklay

Tommy (aka “Tarnas”) Sziklay (aka “Skeezlax) though working under the Cram It Productions moniker relatively late, is now an important member of the cast. His first movie-making experience dates back to an 8th grade film project for his History class involving Dr. Pepper commercials, interviewing farmers during tornadoes, and special Finding Sticks. Unfortunately the film has been lost in the annals of history (pun intended).

Later on, Tommy Sziklay was a regular 10th grader who had everything going for him. And then one day, he came across a movie script called Zombie Jon, and his life changed forever.

Yes, it’s true, Tommy made his eclectic entrance into Cram It Productions as Heaven Minicoop Muted, a role of great renown amongst Cram It Productions' fans. Since then, Tommy has been in every movie made by the team. His acting style, much like his off-stage personality, can at times be loud, but he always delivers a noteworthy performance. Tommy has been known to be the best of the Cram It cast when it comes to physical stunts, such as karate kicks, cracking his head on toilets, and dancing around like a monkey.

Tommy’s role in the Cram It scheme is usually a little of everything: acting, directing, scripting, and storyboarding, though he prefers to keep the specific designation of jobs ambiguous and give credit for everything to everyone. Tommy has always brought creative, humorous ideas to the table, and is always proving himself to be an asset to the team. He has also been known to aid in specific ideas for editing, though he has yet to be the one splicing and L-cutting scenes together as a true blue editor. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Tommy has not devoted the time to create Zombie Jon DVD’s, and he remains the only person worldwide with a copy of the movie on file.

His favorite full-length movie thus far is Zombie Jon, because of its amazing editing and flow, as well as its entertaining jokes and the nostalgia of it being his debut of Cram It Productions' completed films. His favorite music video is Royksopp, despite the fact that he finds the song incredibly annoying; Royksopp was Tommy’s brainchild and he credits this as the reason he likes the video so much, as well as the amount of fun and enjoyment he had making it. For Tommy, fun is what these movies are all about, and as long as there is fun to be had, Tommy will continue to be a part of Cram It Productions.

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