Royksopp - Remind Me (Bad Day for Raj)

Director(s): Marc Pipitone
Tommy Sziklay
Editor: Raj Jawa

Raj Jawa
Tommy Sziklay
Marc Pipitone

Status: Complete
Year Completed: 2007
On DVD: Yes, on The Cram It Christmas Special

This is truly an example of art imitating life, whether it be self-induced or the cause of others, Raj is always having a bad day while constantly hearing the soothing sounds of Royksopp's Remind Me, in his head.

The basic idea of this film was to screw over Raj in as many ways as possible. Looking back, the video starts out a little slow with Raj just sitting there and the few lines he sings from the chair and his car. After that it slowly picks up, but it's not until the slide scene that the movie gets in full swing.



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