Raj Jawa

Raj Jawa is the newcomer into Cram It Productions but also came at an opportune time since Patrick Wade, though still involved in the group, was moving out of state making it difficult to work with him on a regular basis. Raj, of course, could not replace Patrick, he could only fill a void for another person in the group.

Before Cram It Productions, Raj merely made films for class projects, the best of which probably being a film based on the television show Cops in the dystopian world in George Orwell's 1984. Though he enjoyed this, film projects were few and far between in high school and Raj longed to participate more regularly with films.

Raj joined the group in 2006, after reuniting with his friends Patrick Wade and Marc Pipitone at College of the Canyons. It wasn't until one day that year, however, that Raj's position, in Cram It Productions, was set in stone. Raj was walking out of class one afternoon, planning on heading home, when he was approached by Marc and was informed they were going to start production on Lost In One Room. Raj, as far as he can recall, was not even in the know about a film being planned, however, shooting started that day and the film was finished later that same year. Raj was a full member of Cram It Productions from then on.

In Lost in One Room, Raj was required to die in the licorice eating scene and hit his head on the table, dubbed 'the brick,' however, after numerous takes it quickly became apparently that he had a hard time doing physical stunts. The licorice tub was added to lessen the blow, however, the results were still not up to snuff. Raj did improve his stunt hits slightly as seen during Interview with the Grim Reaper and Royksopp. By the time Big Blue was filmed , Raj was a professional at taking hits, however, a bit of his old, bad stuntman self shows through during the basketball scene when he is shown falling to the ground.

Raj began his career with Cram It Productions as an actor, solely, however, Marc, the usual editor, wanted to focus on directing, mainly, and passed editing duties down to Raj. Raj has been editing for Cram It Productions ever since. As editor, Raj has also taken on the role of graphic designer for DVD covers and DVD authoring.

Raj's favorite Cram It Production, although he has no participation in, would probably be Zombie Jon because of its interesting shots and angles. He feels that the film feels very planned out and deliberate. Of the film's he has been apart of, he enjoys The Cram It Christmas Special the best just because its plot is immersive and interesting.

In late-2008, Raj left Cram It Productions for personal reasons.

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