Oscar Escobedo

Oscar Escobedo rose to fame during his role as Eggbert in Zombie Jon. His career is truly an enigma; in Zombie Jon, he wowed crowds by losing friends and desperately searching for help in a performance that can only be described as heart-wrenching, yet, since his spot in the limelight, Oscar has seen less involvement with the Cramiteers, only popping up in small cameo appearances. He has since been in Lost In One Room and The Cram It Christmas Special for brief roles.

Many consider Oscar's first appearance was in Zombie Jon but, his first appearance was actually as the Mayor in an attempted remake of Cram It with Dominoes which never got off the ground.

Of note about Oscar is that he is always slapped in the face at some point in all of his roles, which, starting with Cram It with Sports, has become a Cram It Productions tradition that will continue as long as he is involved.

Whether he is standing by a mountain of poop or putting a camera down his pants, Oscar always delivers a funny performance even when he isn’t trying to, and you can count on him being in future films.

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