Nivix (a.k.a. Steven Wade) has always hung out with the Cram It Productions Crew, however, he always expressed his disinterest in being on YouTube; in fact, he can be quoted as saying, "I'm not gonna be on (YouTube)."

After some coaxing he agreed to appear, briefly, as the monster in Lost in One Room, and a star was born.

Unfortunately, Nivix's brush with fame was brief when he was struck down suddenly in May of 2007. No one is quite sure how Nivix passed, however, there can be no doubt that he has moved on to a better place. To honor his legacy, Cram It Productions dedicated The Cram It Christmas Special to him. Nivix was also featured twice in The Ultimate Showdown of Cram It Destiny using footage cut from Lost in One Room.

Nivix will be missed.

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