Marc Pipitone

Marc Pipitone started off his film career at Arroyo Seco Jr. High. When taking his first film class he grew an interest in making people laugh through movies. He grabbed Patrick Wade and a couple of local kids from the neighborhood to make a short movie. Together, Marc and Pat produced Cram It’s first film, Cram It with Dominoes.

Cram It Halloween Special marked the first time Cram It stretched beyond just cast. Marc wanted to whip up something special for the film festival so he made a short spy movie with Patrick and Zack Valenzuela. The movie was called I Spy on YOU! but unfortunately for it, Marc replaced it with the much more thrilling Halloween movie.

Marc is known to be a big fan of improvisation when filming movie. Even though he likes to have an overall plan when it comes to making the movie, he’s always up for adding new things on the spot. He also believes that comedy is the most important aspect of a movie. He often times draws comedy from everyday life or from putting his own spin on humor he heard elsewhere.

"In order for a movie to be successful it has to use comedy effectively at some point, no matter how serious the movie is." - Marc

When filming the movie Zombie Jon, Marc and Patrick often times struggled putting scenes together because Patrick was shooting for more of a serious film where as Marc was aiming for comedy. Because of this, Zombie Jon turned out to be a very unique product that was successful with peers during high school.

Marc often times would edit the Cram It Productions films, but recently has took a step back and focused more on directing and acting in them, handing off the editing duties to Raj for the time being. The last full film Marc edited was Lost in One Room.

Marc’s favorite Cram It movie so far is Cram It Christmas Special, because it showed off new things Cram It was able to incorporate into a movie. That and because he is a narcissist and was the star of the movie. His favorite music video is Pumps and a Bump because it doesn’t stay on one shot for too long. More shots per second equals more fun!

If Marc were to sum up Cram It Productions in one word it would be “Convulsive.” Well either that or “Pterodactyl.”

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