Lost in One Room


Marc Pipitone

Editor: Marc Pipitone

Marc Pipitone
Jon Strauss
Tommy Sziklay
Raj Jawa
Oscar Escobedo

Status: Complete
Year Completed: 2006
On DVD: Yes

Lost in One Room was the first project undertaken by the new Cram It Crew consisting of Marc, Tommy, Raj, Jon, and Oscar. The basic idea was a Saw parody, however, only one Saw type scene was actually in the movie. Even still, the movie had some classic moments and was a great success for the veteran crew and their new member, Raj, whose acting was poor but it would slowly improve as seen in later films.

After having a rather large role in Zombie Jon, Oscar played a minor role in Lost in One Room, however, his smallest role is in The Cram It Christmas Special.

This was the last and only film Nivix would ever appear in.



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