Jon Strauss

Jonathan Strauss joined Cram It Productions many years ago, in a time long before cavemen ever first wondered what the hell the moon was. His first appearance was in Cram It Halloween Special, which killed – literally – at the box offices in no small thanks to his outstanding performance of getting killed with an axe.

Jonathan sometimes operates the camera with marvelous outcomes but never really “directs;” rather, he is instead considered a funny-man actor with a lot of clever ideas and plotlines, the failsafe foley for when the Cram It Productions Crew needs some sound effects on the fly, and the Man with a Thousand Faces. He earned this last title due to the fact that he nearly always plays multiple roles in the movies; there have been recorded events when people could not recognize that Jonathan was one of his secondary characters!

Perhaps the most interesting note about Mr. Strauss is that ever since Zombie Jon he has been drenched in every full-length motion picture, sparking the revolutionary idea that that act shall now be a tradition for the Cram Its.

When not on the set, Jonathan can be seen hailing Shadow and roasting pigs.

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