In the Shoes of a Ghost Cop

Director(s): Marc Pipitone (Presumed)
Writer: Marc Pipitone

Patrick Wade (Presumed)
Jon Strauss (Presumed)
Tommy Sziklay (Presumed)
Marc Pipitone (Presumed)

Status: Abandoned
Year Completed: 2005
On DVD: No

A documentary that was to be about a cop, who was a ghost and could only be seen by a single person. The screenplay was written by Marc, Patrick was to star as the ghost cop, and Jon as the person who could see him. Marc also had a role, however, what it was to be is currently unclear.

Everything seemed to be in place and ready to shoot this film, however, Patrick had taken on a film project with the Saugus High School Literary Magazine and the movie was delayed indefinitely and went untouched since.

Current talk amongst the group, expresses some interest in perhaps picking up the project, however, the script is currently lost in the archives. It is unfortunate that the world may never see the tale that was to be Ghost Cop.

On a side note, the Literary Magazine project also went unfinished.

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