The Cram It Christmas Special

Director(s): Marc Pipitone
Tommy Sziklay
Editor: Raj Jawa

Marc Pipitone
Tommy Sziklay
Raj Jawa
Jon Strauss
Brian Luc
Oscar Escobedo
Casandra Swiger
Christian Schiller

Status: Complete
Year Completed: 2007
On DVD: Yes

The Cram It Christmas Special was an idea that came up amongst the crew when there was expressed interested in filming a Christmas themed movie, based loosely on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. There was no real script in hand, everything happened on location except for a few ideas that were planned ahead of time. Language-wise, this is the 'grittiest' Cram It Production to date, however, now that the wall has been broken down I'm sure other Cram It Productions will follow this pattern.

This is actually the first Cram It Production to have Brian Luc in it despite the crew knowing him for many years. This movie also featured newcomers, Casandra Swiger and Christian Schiller. We'll see if they return in any future Cram It Productions.

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