Big Blue

Director(s): Marc Pipitone
Tommy Sziklay
Editor: Raj Jawa

Marc Pipitone
Tommy Sziklay
Raj Jawa
Jon Strauss

Status: Complete
Year Completed: 2008
On DVD: No

The idea for this music video seemingly came out of nowhere. The Cram It Productions crew were talking and suddenly the conversation turned to interest in doing a music video of the Cram It Crew playing sports to the music from the level Big Blue from video game, F-Zero GX and also from Super Smash Brothers Melee.

The music used was a combination of the beginning portion of Big Blue from F-Zero GX, mixed with the rest of the song from Super Smash Brothers Melee. The reason for the mix was because the beginning of the Super Smash Brothers version was weak, however, the substance portion of the music from F-Zero GX was not pronounced enough for the crew's tastes. The mix of the two seemed to incorporate the best of both worlds.



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